Video & Audio Links

Links to video and audio related to the case. From a variety of sources: news outlets, podcasts, radio stations, and messages of support on social media.

2019-03-11 Impact Statement Podcast

Episode 26 of the Impact Statement Podcast: The Disapperance of Marie and Lyle McCann

2019-03-01 MP Dane Lloyd tables McCann’s Law

MP Dane Lloyd in the House of Commons.

2019-03-01 Canadian True Crime Podcast

In 2010, a retired couple embarked on a leisurely road trip in their RV from Alberta to British Columbia. When they didn’t arrive on schedule for an agreed meeting point, their family and friends were left wondering what happened.

2018-07-30 Dark Poutine Podcast

Episode 37 of the Dark Poutine Podcast: The Murders of Marie and Lyle McCann

2017-11-28 MP Michael Cooper on Bill C-39

Last year the conviction of Travis Vader of two counts of second degree murder of Lyle and Marie McCann was vacated after the trial judge applied a section of the Criminal Code that was found to be unconstitutional back in 1990.
A YouTube playlist includes all of the videos.