The Odyssey

A compilation of all news media links following the tragic odyssey. From the initial disappearance on July 3, 2010 through the search, the Vader man-hunt, arrest, prosecution and conviction. And the sentencing, post-sentencing, incarceration, appeal and parole phases.

The local newspaper, the St Albert Gazette has reported on the entire ordeal with excellent and comprehensive coverage. The court reporter (Doug Neuman) attended every day of the trial in 2016.

This table includes links to the hundreds of media articles about the odyssey.
2018-12-04 Vader's case goes before Court of Appeal
2018-11-30 Vader's lawyer grilled by justices during appeal of McCann manslaughter convictions
2018-11-30 Travis Vader seeks new trial in deaths of missing Alberta couple
2018-11-30 Travis Vader awaits decision on appeal
2018-11-30 Lawyers ask for new trial for Travis Vader in deaths of missing Alberta couple
2018-09-07 Travis Vader to appeal manslaughter convictions for McCanns' deaths Nov. 30
2018-08-24 McCann ready to fight again if Vader gets new trial
2018-08-22 Travis Vader to appeal manslaughter convictions for McCann deaths this fall
2018-08-22 Travis Vader to appeal manslaughter conviction in the fall
2018-08-22 Date set for Travis Vader’s appeal of manslaughter conviction
2018-04-13 Appeal date set for Travis Vader
2018-04-12 Date set for Vader appeal
2018-02-27 Travis Vader denied chance to appeal weapons breach
2018-01-02 Judge defines 'weapon' in dismissing Travis Vader's bail violations appeal
2017-12-29 Triage and trials: top 10 Edmonton court stories of 2017
2017-12-11 Trump’s presidency, hurricanes, sexual harassment: news from 2017
2017-10-24 Red Deer company urging ankle bracelets for monitoring repeat offenders
2017-09-13 Court briefs
2017-09-07 Vader admits to meth use, stolen truck possession
2017-09-05 Travis Vader back in court to face bail charges
2017-09-05 Senior killer Travis Vader back in court to face charges he received while out on bail
2017-09-05 Convicted killer Travis Vader charged with taking drugs, breaching parole during trial
2017-07-13 Homicide without a body: How can police lay charges?
2017-07-03 Key witness in Travis Vader trial speaks to CTV News
2017-02-22 Travis Vader eligible for unescorted temporary absences next month: Parole Board
2017-02-22 McCann family 'shocked' to hear killer soon eligible to apply for unescorted absences
2017-02-22 Court Briefs
2017-02-21 Travis Vader eligible to apply for ‘unescorted temporary absences’ as early as next month
2017-02-15 Travis Vader trial date set for charges laid during murder trial
2017-02-14 Travis Vader, serving life for killing elderly St. Albert couple, due back in court on break and enter charges
2017-01-28 Vader timeline
2017-01-28 Vader appeals manslaughter convictions
2017-01-28 Editorial: Search for justice
2017-01-27 Travis Vader to appeal manslaughter conviction and life sentence
2017-01-27 Travis Vader to appeal manslaughter conviction and life sentence
2017-01-27 Travis Vader files notice of appeal two days after life sentence handed down
2017-01-27 Travis Vader appeals manslaughter conviction, life sentence
2017-01-27 Lawyers file appeal for Travis Vader in deaths of missing Alberta couple
2017-01-26 A look at the Travis Vader case from criminologist Ritesh Narayan
2017-01-25 Vader to be sentenced today
2017-01-25 Vader sentenced to life in prison
2017-01-25 Travis Vader sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of killing elderly couple
2017-01-25 Travis Vader sentenced to life in prison
2017-01-25 Travis Vader gets life sentence for killing Lyle and Marie McCann
2017-01-25 Travis Vader gets life sentence for killing elderly Alberta couple
2017-01-25 Travis Vader gets life sentence for killing Alta. seniors
2017-01-25 Live: Travis Vader sentenced to life in prison for McCann killings
2017-01-25 'I would have gone anywhere to hear that': Killer gets life in death of seniors
2017-01-25 'I would have gone anywhere to hear that': Killer gets life in death of seniors
2017-01-25 Christie Blatchford: Judge blasts Vader’s self-involved character for leading to 'banal' killing of seniors
2017-01-25 A life sentence for Travis Vader, but no end to grief for the McCanns
2017-01-10 Sentences should begin when you’re found guilty
2017-01-07 Vader lawyer asks for time served
2017-01-04 Vader’s lawyer seeks time served for killing elderly St. Albert couple
2017-01-04 Vader sentencing hearing continues
2017-01-04 Vader could walk free if defence argument holds
2017-01-04 Travis Vader to learn his manslaughter sentence Jan. 25
2017-01-04 Convicted killer Travis Vader to be sentenced Jan. 25
2017-01-04 ‘We’re very hopeful’: McCann family on Vader sentencing
2017-01-03 Travis Vader's strip-search complaint dismissed by sentencing judge
2017-01-03 Travis Vader didn’t have rights violated in jail: judge
2017-01-03 Sentencing hearing resumes for Travis Vader, convicted of killing elderly St. Albert couple
2017-01-03 Sentencing hearing resumes for Travis Vader
2017-01-01 Opinion: 'Travis Vader: Where are the bodies of my parents?'
2016-12-29 Looking back at the news this year
2016-12-29 From hammer homicide mistrial to changing Travis Vader verdicts, 2016 in Edmonton courts
2016-12-28 Vader stand-out story in 2016
2016-12-27 Christie Blatchford: The year's best and worst moments in Canadian criminal justice
2016-12-26 Top stories of 2016 in Edmonton: No. 5, Travis Vader tried and convicted, finally
2016-12-21 Vader sentencing adjourned until January
2016-12-21 Travis Vader sentencing hearing to resume in January
2016-12-21 Sentencing hearing for Travis Vader to wrap up in January
2016-12-20 Witnesses, evidence expected to wrap up in Travis Vader sentencing hearing
2016-12-20 Travis Vader sentencing hearing won't resume until new year
2016-12-19 Police constable debunks Vader's claim strip search was 'humiliating'
2016-12-16 Who is Travis Vader, the man at the centre of one of Alberta’s highest-profile homicides?
2016-12-16 Travis Vader snipes at Crown during cross-examination
2016-12-16 Sparring over broken wrist bogs down Travis Vader sentencing hearing
2016-12-15 Vader sentencing: Second McCann killing 'close to near murder,' Crown argues
2016-12-15 Travis Vader's account of strip search contradicts agreed facts
2016-12-15 Crown refutes Vader's claims of abuse and maltreatment
2016-12-14 Vader takes the stand during sentencing hearing
2016-12-14 Travis Vader's lawyer argues for no more jail time after claims of pre-trial abuse
2016-12-14 Travis Vader expected to continue speaking at manslaughter sentencing hearing Wednesday
2016-12-13 Travis Vader testifies he faced abuse in custody at Edmonton sentencing hearing
2016-12-13 Travis Vader testifies during sentencing hearing he was roughed up by guards
2016-12-13 Travis Vader claims feces thrown at him in jail, wrist broken by guards while testifying at manslaughter hearing
2016-12-13 Convicted Killer Says Jail Guards Abuse And Humiliate Him
2016-12-12 'Thrown to the wolves': Travis Vader testifies about violence and humiliation in custody
2016-12-12 Son demands his parents’ convicted killer, Travis Vader, disclose location of bodies
2016-12-12 Prosecution seeks two life sentences in Travis Vader manslaughter case
2016-12-12 'Nightmare forever': Victims' family haunted as Travis Vader sentencing opens
2016-12-12 Bret McCann: 'Travis Vader, where are the bodies of my parents?'
2016-12-12 ‘Where are the bodies of my parents?’ son asks convicted killer Travis Vader
2016-12-11 Travis Vader sentencing hearing begins Monday
2016-11-26 Mountie who botched McCann investigation disciplined for third time
2016-11-18 Criminal Code filled with dated 'zombie' laws, experts warn justice minister
2016-11-02 Vader convicted of manslaughter
2016-11-01 Paula Simons: Sensible result cold comfort in face of senseless crime
2016-10-31 Travis Vader's lawyer says they will appeal after judge changes murder convictions to manslaughter
2016-10-31 The legal road for Travis Vader in case of missing Alberta seniors
2016-10-31 McCann family pleased with Travis Vader manslaughter convictions
2016-10-31 Judge to hear arguments in Travis Vader mistrial application
2016-10-31 Judge denies mistrial, convicts Travis Vader of manslaughter
2016-10-31 Judge changes Travis Vader murder verdict to manslaughter
2016-10-31 'It was an error:' Judge changes Travis Vader verdict to manslaughter
2016-10-28 Travis Vader case: Camera not allowed inside courtroom during mistrial decision Monday
2016-10-28 Judge rules no camera in courtroom for Vader hearing Monday
2016-10-28 Judge rules against having camera in Edmonton court for Vader mistrial hearing
2016-10-27 Travis Vader case: Crown urges judge not to declare mistrial
2016-10-27 Crown urges Vader judge not to declare mistrial, can fix error in murder verdict
2016-10-27 Crown argues judge can fix error in Travis Vader murder verdict
2016-10-26 Edmonton Crown prosecutor in Travis Vader murder case appointed to provincial court
2016-10-26 Convict Travis Vader of manslaughter, Crown urges
2016-10-21 Seeing things differently...
2016-10-19 Travis Vader: Crown opposes media’s bid to have camera in court for mistrial decision
2016-10-16 Travis Vader lawyer calls murder conviction a 'colossal' error of law
2016-10-11 Travis Vader’s lawyer says Alberta murder case thrown out over delays sets precedent
2016-10-07 Media apply to live broadcast decision on Travis Vader mistrial application
2016-10-05 Vader decision expected Oct. 31
2016-10-05 The Criminal Code is in dire need of housecleaning
2016-10-04 Travis Vader: Media will apply to have cameras in court for mistrial decision
2016-10-04 Convicted killer Travis Vader to appear in court again on Oct. 31
2016-10-03 Uncertainty surrounds Travis Vader’s Monday court date
2016-10-03 Travis Vader case: Judge weighs mistrial after flawed murder verdict
2016-10-03 Judge will announce decision on Travis Vader mistrial application Oct. 31
2016-10-03 Edmonton judge hearing mistrial application in Travis Vader murder case
2016-10-03 A look at some other high-profile cases heard by judge in Travis Vader trial
2016-10-02 What's next for convicted murderer Travis Vader?
2016-10-02 Travis Vader case: As defence lawyers and prosecutors prepare for courtroom return, what’s next?
2016-09-22 Travis Vader's lawyers file for mistrial over unconstitutional section of Criminal Code
2016-09-22 Defence files mistrial application in Travis Vader murder case
2016-09-22 Convicted murderer Travis Vader seeks mistrial
2016-09-21 Former Edmonton Sun journalist Pamela Roth talks of her true crime novel and Edmonton's homicide history
2016-09-21 Changes overdue
2016-09-20 Criminal Code long overdue for overhaul
2016-09-20 Allowing camera in court for Vader verdict 'exceptional and dangerous'
2016-09-19 Vader case proves cameras in court should be the rule, not the exception
2016-09-19 Travis Vader’s guilty verdict in death of Alberta couple now in doubt
2016-09-18 Cameras in court do more good than harm, but legal world doesn't see it that way: Ian Hanomansing
2016-09-17 Vader verdict: more questions than answers
2016-09-17 Travis Vader verdict closes chapter, but ordeal for victims' family continues
2016-09-17 The long road to the verdict
2016-09-17 The case against Travis Vader
2016-09-16 What other cases has the Travis Vader trial judge heard?
2016-09-16 Vader Verdict and the BNA Act: Canada’s Tradition of Retaining Antiquated Text Still Impacts Us Today
2016-09-16 Travis Vader's defence team asks judge to declare mistrial
2016-09-16 Travis Vader verdict closes chapter, but ordeal for victims' family continues
2016-09-16 Travis Vader murder trial judge rips apart DNA expert's testimony for defence
2016-09-16 Travis Vader murder trial judge rips apart DNA expert's testimony for defence
2016-09-16 Peter Sankoff on the Travis Vader verdict: Canada's zombie laws finally bite
2016-09-16 Notice of appeal filed on Travis Vader murder convictions
2016-09-16 McCann family's relief over convictions in parents' murders short-lived as legality of verdicts questioned
2016-09-16 Bret McCann ‘flabbergasted’ at judge’s apparent mistake in Travis Vader conviction
2016-09-15 Travis Vader's 2nd-degree murder conviction a 'huge relief': victims' son
2016-09-15 Travis Vader convicted of 2 counts of 2nd-degree murder
2016-09-15 Reasons for Judgement
2016-09-15 McCann family steeled for more legal wrangling after Travis Vader's lawyer files appeal
2016-09-15 Legal experts say appeal likely after judge's error in Travis Vader murder conviction
2016-09-15 Bret McCann says justice served with Travis Vader second-degree murder conviction
2016-09-15 Alberta RCMP Statement: Travis Vader found guilty
2016-09-14 Trial transparency
2016-09-14 Days & Years: the long road to the Vader decision
2016-09-14 ‘I hope that he feels remorse’: Bret McCann awaits Travis Vader verdict
2016-09-13 Travis Vader trial: Judge to rule today on issue of camera in courtroom
2016-09-13 Judge rules cameras can be in courtroom for Travis Vader murder verdict
2016-09-13 Breakenridge: It’s time to allow cameras into the courtroom
2016-09-13 Alberta judge allows camera in court for Travis Vader verdict
2016-09-12 Why televising the Travis Vader verdict could lead to more cameras in courts
2016-09-12 Travis Vader verdict will hit Thursday, but fate of couple who owned burned out RV remains a mystery
2016-09-10 Vader decision coming next week
2016-09-10 Friday's letters: New arena a milestone moment
2016-09-08 Bob Layton
2016-09-07 Travis Vader murder trial: Edmonton media want to broadcast the verdict
2016-09-07 Paula Simons: Public deserves right to learn Travis Vader verdict from the judge himself
2016-09-07 Long-awaited verdict in Travis Vader case could be broadcast live if judge agrees
2016-09-07 Judge to rule next week on issue of TV camera at Travis Vader verdict
2016-09-07 Decision on allowing cameras in court for Vader verdict put over
2016-07-23 Vader remains in custody
2016-07-19 Accused killer Travis Vader tries for review of bail decision but fails
2016-07-09 Vader's release cancelled on murder charges
2016-07-09 McCanns plan public art to honour parents
2016-07-07 McCann family take down billboard seeking tips about slain parents
2016-07-05 Travis Vader’s bail on murder charges revoked
2016-06-25 Vader trial concludes, decision expected Sept. 15
2016-06-23 Crown failed to prove murder in case against Vader, defence says
2016-06-23 Case against Travis Vader in McCann deaths mere speculation, lawyer says
2016-06-22 Travis Vader killed Alberta seniors in roadside robbery, Crown alleges
2016-06-22 Crown urges judge to convict Vader
2016-06-14 Travis Vader tells CBC he'll be acquitted of McCann slayings
2016-06-04 Vader defence case casts doubt
2016-06-01 Vader bail denied
2016-05-30 Travis Vader to remain behind bars after bail denied
2016-05-30 Travis Vader denied bail, to remain in jail
2016-05-30 Accused killer Travis Vader denied bail on latest charges, breaches
2016-05-28 Vader defence rests its case
2016-05-27 Travis Vader awaits bail decision on additional charges, as murder trial winds down
2016-05-26 Travis Vader murder trial crawls towards the finish line
2016-05-21 Vader bail review postponed
2016-05-18 Defence experts question forensic evidence
2016-05-18 Crown concludes case against Travis Vader
2016-05-18 Cellphone evidence questioned at Vader trial
2016-05-16 Travis Vader Might Be Canada’s Dumbest Murder Suspect
2016-05-16 DNA expert questions Crown evidence
2016-05-14 Defence witnesses contradict Crown evidence
2016-05-13 Witnesses testify seeing McCanns day after they were allegedly murdered
2016-05-13 Defence witness tells court Travis Vader was at her home on the day the McCanns were allegedly killed
2016-05-12 Travis Vader trial: Defence witnesses cast doubt on Crown's murder timeline
2016-05-12 Travis Vader back in custody on multiple charges
2016-05-12 Defence witness in Travis Vader murder trial testifies she saw Marie McCann alive
2016-05-11 Vader back behind bars
2016-05-11 Travis Vader, on trial for murder, arrested again
2016-05-11 Travis Vader back in jail after failing drug test
2016-05-11 Jailhouse information motivated by money
2016-05-11 Accused murderer Travis Vader arrested after drug test showed meth
2016-05-09 Crown's case against Vader draws to a close
2016-05-07 Vader discussed alibi with cell mate
2016-05-05 Mountie disciplined for mishandling McCann motorhome scene
2016-05-04 Vader trial witnesses fill in the blanks
2016-05-03 Travis Vader torched pick-up truck, friend testifies
2016-05-02 Second-row seats at Travis Vader trial offer good view of legal system
2016-05-02 Friend of Travis Vader testifies he saw accused torch a vehicle shortly after McCanns disappeared
2016-04-30 Key witness testifies at Vader trial
2016-04-28 Man under RCMP protection tells murder trial he saw Travis Vader driving SUV similar to missing couple’s vehicle
2016-04-28 Key witness ties Vader to McCann SUV
2016-04-28 Crown witness ‘Bandana Dave’ says he saw Travis Vader driving green SUV
2016-04-28 Beer buddy of Travis Vader testifies under heavy security at murder trial
2016-04-27 Vader's lawyer questions investigation
2016-04-25 Vader trial witness an Alberta Mountie with troubled career
2016-04-25  Travis Vader trial: RCMP expert testifies about blood-spatter evidence
2016-04-23 Vader maintains innocence in police interviews
2016-04-21 RCMP misled Vader in interviews, officer testifies
2016-04-21 Alberta Mounties tried sympathetic strategy while interviewing Travis Vader
2016-04-18 Vader trial hears little about 'Mr. Big' sting
2016-04-18 ‘I blame it on the meth’: Travis Vader’s sister offers glimpse into his past
2016-04-16 Vader to remain out on bail
2016-04-16 Despite many delays, Vader trial has covered a lot of ground
2016-04-15 Travis Vader’s sister testifies about drugs and guns at his Edmonton murder trial
2016-04-15 Travis Vader, accused in deaths of Edmonton-area couple, to remain free on bail
2016-04-15 Travis Vader trial: Sister's testimony conflicts with her police interviews
2016-04-15 Travis Vader to remain free on bail
2016-04-14 Travis Vader trial: Crown wants to question sister as hostile witness
2016-04-14 Another hostile witness? Crown alleges Vader’s sister inconsistent in statements
2016-04-13 Vader late for trial, again
2016-04-12 Firearms expert testifies at Vader murder trial that cap belonging to victim had
2016-04-12 Accused killer Travis Vader faces bail review after being late four times for Edmonton trial
2016-04-11 More DNA evidence links Vader to McCanns
2016-04-09 Vader trial looks at DNA in detail
2016-04-08 Vader’s lawyer trying to poke holes in evidence
2016-04-08 Vader’s defence questioning findings
2016-04-07 Travis Vader's DNA found in several spots in SUV belonging to missing Alberta couple, Crown expert says
2016-04-07 Texts reveal Travis Vader fixated with love life the day McCanns disappeared
2016-04-07 DNA found in McCann SUV all but certainly Travis Vader's, expert says
2016-04-07 DNA expert testifies at Vader trial
2016-04-07 1 in 3 trillion chance DNA was someone other than Vader: forensics expert
2016-04-06 Vader late to his murder trial once again
2016-04-06 Vader late to court, says he slept in
2016-04-06 Travis Vader late to court for the third time
2016-04-06 Travis Vader late again, delays Day 19 of double murder trial
2016-04-06 Text messages from McCann phone included in trial exhibit
2016-04-05 Vader used McCann cellphone to try wooing back ex-girlfriend, Crown says
2016-04-05 Text messages show Travis Vader used McCanns’ cellphone: Crown
2016-04-04 Witness testimony in Vader’s trial
2016-04-04 Witness testifies Vader was driving McCanns' SUV
2016-04-04 Witness testifies Travis Vader was driving SUV similar to McCanns'
2016-04-04 Witness testifies he saw Vader driving SUV similar to one owned by McCanns
2016-04-04 Witness saw Travis Vader in SUV similar to missing McCann’s vehicle
2016-04-04 Travis Vader driving SUV similar to McCanns', witness testifies
2016-04-04 SUV focus of testimony in Vader trial
2016-04-02 Vader print on beer can, murder trial told
2016-04-01 Travis Vader’s trial continues
2016-04-01 Travis Vader’s fingerprint found on beer can in missing couple’s SUV
2016-04-01 RCMP officer testifies at Vader trial
2016-04-01 Fingerprint on beer can found in Lyle and Marie McCann’s SUV matches Travis Vader: Crown
2016-03-31 Vader trial hears cellphone evidence
2016-03-31 ‘I can never tell you that a cellphone was at a certain address’: technology expert testifies at Travis Vader murder trial
2016-03-30 Expert uncertain on carpet sample
2016-03-30 Car trouble again blamed for Vader trial delay
2016-03-29 Vader trial might continue for another month
2016-03-29 Travis Vader trial starts 2 hours late; accused apologizes for vehicle problems
2016-03-26 Vader trial witness recants prior testimony
2016-03-24 Witness’ testimony in Travis Vader’s trial
2016-03-24 Travis Vader’s longtime friend called to testify again in murder trial
2016-03-24 Travis Vader’s hints at alternative suspect for murders of Lyle and Marie McCann
2016-03-24 Friend backs away from earlier statement that Travis Vader claimed to have stolen missing couple's SUV
2016-03-24 Alternative suspect's criminal past detailed in Vader murder trial
2016-03-24 Accused killer Travis Vader's lawyer appears to suggest new theory in couple's murder
2016-03-23 Vader's ex-girlfriend testifies
2016-03-23 Vader's ex-girlfriend takes the stand
2016-03-23 Vader trial continues
2016-03-23 Vader evidence on trial
2016-03-23 Travis Vader’s friend says he didn’t tell police the truth
2016-03-23 Murder trial witness says he lied to police about his encounter with Travis Vader
2016-03-23 Murder trial witness says he lied to police about his encounter with Travis Vader
2016-03-23 Ex-girlfriend testifies she saw Travis Vader day after Lyle and Marie McCann disappeared
2016-03-23 Ex-girlfriend of accused killer Travis Vader tells court she believes he was using crystal meth
2016-03-23 Drugs alleged as motive in murder of McCanns, Vader trial hears
2016-03-22 Vader trial continues: RCMP officer on SUV car keys found in stolen truck
2016-03-22 RCMP officer testifies in Travis Vader trial
2016-03-22 RCMP officer testifies in murder trial
2016-03-22 RCMP officer testifies at Vader trial
2016-03-22 Lyle and Marie McCanns’ SUV key found by RCMP in stolen truck, officer testifies
2016-03-21 Vader trial continues to attack evidence handling
2016-03-21 Travis Vader murder trial focuses on stolen truck containing McCanns’ keys
2016-03-21 Stolen pickup truck focus of testimony at Travis Vader murder trial
2016-03-19 Lyle and Marie McCanns' burned motorhome not secured following fire
2016-03-18 Travis Vader’s friend takes stand at murder trial
2016-03-18 Testimony from witness who knew Vader in 2010
2016-03-18 Testimony from witness who knew Vader in 2010
2016-03-18 Crown accuses Vader’s friend of inconsistent testimony at murder trial
2016-03-17 Neighbour speaks at murder trial
2016-03-17 McCann motorhome spotted at Minnow Lake campground July 5
2016-03-16 Missing St. Albert couple’s son made audiotape to appeal to Travis Vader’s ‘better nature’
2016-03-16 Lyle McCann's RV was his 'pride and joy,' son says
2016-03-16 Court hears of audio recording made to Vader at RCMP request
2016-03-16 Campground worker testifies at Travis Vader murder trial
2016-03-16 Bret McCann finishes testimony
2016-03-16 ‘Travis, I’m really appealing to you’: Bret McCann’s plea to murder suspect released in court
2016-03-15 Son of McCann’s testifies at trial
2016-03-15 Lyle and Marie McCann remembered by their son at suspect’s murder trial
2016-03-15 Bret McCann testifies in Travis Vader murder trial
2016-03-15 Bret McCann takes the stand
2016-03-15 Bret McCann sent plea to Travis Vader two weeks after parents disappeared, court told
2016-03-14 Vader trial delayed by car trouble
2016-03-14 Day 4 of Travis Vader trial delayed because accused’s car broke down
2016-03-14 After delay, Vader’s trial continues
2016-03-12 No remains in McCann RV, experts testify
2016-03-11 Witnesses who saw burning motorhome testify
2016-03-11 Without bodies, Edmonton prosecutor faces uphill battle in Travis Vader murder trial
2016-03-11 Murder trial for Travis Vader continues
2016-03-11 Murder cases without bodies a rarity in Canadian courts
2016-03-11 Missing couple's daughter testifies at Travis Vader's Edmonton murder trial
2016-03-11 Court hears burned McCann motorhome moved 3 times before investigator called in
2016-03-10 Vader's trial continues
2016-03-10 No human remains in burned-out motorhome: Forensic expert at Travis Vader trial
2016-03-10 Murder trial offers glimpse into McCann family dysfunction
2016-03-10 McCanns' daughter takes the stand
2016-03-10 'I started freaking out:' daughter of missing seniors testifies in murder trial
2016-03-10 Evidence from McCanns' burned-out motorhome ended up in dumpster
2016-03-10 DNA issue at Travis Vader trial may resolve itself, defence lawyer says
2016-03-10 Daughter of couple testifies
2016-03-09 Crown begins case against accused murderer
2016-03-08 Vader says he’s not guilty in McCann murders
2016-03-08 Trial for man accused of killing Lyle and Marie McCann begins
2016-03-08 Trial begins for Travis Vader
2016-03-08 Travis Vader's trial begins
2016-03-08 Travis Vader’s first-degree murder trial begins
2016-03-08 Travis Vader murder trial gets underway
2016-03-08 Travis Vader heads into court for first-degree murder trial
2016-03-08 Travis Vader first-degree murder trial set to begin today
2016-03-08 Travis Vader defence says other suspects will be named during trial
2016-03-08 TIMELINE: The key events in the Travis Vader case
2016-03-08 Timeline: a look at key events leading up to Travis Vader's murder trial
2016-03-08 As Edmonton murder trial begins, Travis Vader's lawyer says new suspects will be named
2016-03-08 ‘I plead not guilty to that charge’: Travis Vader at start of McCann murder trial
2016-03-07 Vader's first degree murder trial begins
2016-03-07 Trial to begin for man accused of killing Alberta couple who vanished on road trip
2016-03-07 Travis Vader’s first-degree murder trial begins Tuesday
2016-03-07 Murder trial set to begin for Alberta couple whose bodies were never found
2016-03-07 First-degree murder trial starts Tuesday for Travis Vader after St. Albert couple vanished in 2010
2016-03-05 Vader trial starts Tuesday
2016-01-30 Vader trial in public interest
2016-01-27 Vader trial to go ahead
2016-01-26 Travis Vader will go to trial on first-degree murder charges in McCann killings
2016-01-26 Travis Vader will go to trial for murder of Lyle and Marie McCann
2016-01-26 Travis Vader loses stay request, will be tried in deaths of Lyle and Marie McCann
2016-01-24 Travis Vader abuse-of-process decision coming Tuesday
2016-01-18 Travis Vader’s DNA, fingerprint on beer can found in slain St. Albert couple’s SUV: RCMP
2016-01-18 RCMP found Travis Vader’s fingerprint and DNA on beer can found in missing couple’s SUV
2016-01-18 DNA and fingerprint part of Travis Vader case
2016-01-16 Decision in Vader abuse-of-process hearing could come Jan. 26
2016-01-15 Travis Vader pleads guilty to 1 count of assault
2016-01-13 Vader hearing reveals more failures in disclosure
2016-01-12 RCMP paid informant for Travis Vader information: court documents
2016-01-12 Case against Travis Vader includes evidence from paid informant, court documents show
2016-01-05 2015 Year in Review
2015-12-28 Eventful Year In Edmonton Courts
2015-12-26 From the Travis Vader case to the Loblaw mass stabbing, here are six courts cases to watch in 2016
2015-12-19 Vader hearing to continue in January
2015-12-16 Documents link Vader to McCann murder
2015-12-15 Vader tied to killing: Crown
2015-12-15 Paula Simons: Edmonton judge’s ruling exposes disturbing flaws in Vader case
2015-12-15 New details emerge about Travis Vader case
2015-12-15 Forensic evidence ties Travis Vader to vehicle of missing couple, Crown says
2015-12-15 Evidence ties Travis Vader to missing St. Albert couple’s SUV: Crown
2015-12-15 Documents reveal RCMP have DNA linking Travis Vader to killing of St. Albert couple
2015-12-15 Court documents reveal evidence linking Travis Vader to McCanns
2015-12-15 Alberta Crown says forensics, phone records tie Vader to McCann killings
2015-12-12 Vader hearing continues
2015-12-11 Travis Vader to remain in jail after being denied bail
2015-12-11 Travis Vader hopes to see newborn child after release
2015-12-11 Crown prosecutor felt 'betrayed' by RCMP in Travis Vader investigation
2015-12-05 Vader wants prosecution halted
2015-12-03 Vader hearing has restored his faith, says son of St. Albert murder victims
2015-12-03 Son of slain couple stands by RCMP and Crown despite disclosure problems  
2015-12-03 ‘Mistakes happen,’ St. Albert victims’ son says of RCMP errors in Vader investigation
2015-12-02 Travis Vader’s lawyer says his client was failed by a justice system he trusted would provide him with a fair trial
2015-12-01 Vader’s lawyer alleges Crown stayed charges to buy time to build ‘circumstantial case’
2015-12-01 Travis Vader's lawyer accuses Crown of strategic ploy to delay trial
2015-12-01 Lawyer Requests Murder Charges Be Stayed In Missing Seniors Case
2015-12-01 Edmonton prosecutor denies she bought investigation time in Vader murder trial
2015-11-30 Travis Vader's lawyer will put Crown and police on witness stand
2015-11-30 Travis Vader's lawyer to grill RCMP, Crown about handling of McCann murder case
2015-11-30 Travis Vader's lawyer argues Edmonton court should stay murder charges
2015-11-30 Crown prosecutor describes Travis Vader case as a disclosure fiasco
2015-11-30 Crown calls Vader case a ‘disclosure fiasco’; Defence seeks to have murder charges dropped
2015-11-21 Vader rearrested
2015-11-19 Travis Vader, accused in McCann murders, returned to jail
2015-11-19 Travis Vader has been re-arrested on an allegation he attempted to obstruct justice
2015-11-19 Travis Vader facing new, unrelated charges
2015-10-19 Travis Vader released on bail following assault charges
2015-09-09 Vader to head back to court for charges unrelated to McCann disappearance
2015-08-01 MH370 wreckage may not provide the closure grieving families seek
2015-07-17 Travis Vader facing new assault charges
2015-06-22 RCMP arrest Vader in Barrhead
2015-06-20 Travis Vader rearrested for assault charges
2015-06-17 Travis Vader faces new assault charges, denied bail
2015-06-17 Travis Vader arrested on assault charges
2015-06-17 RCMP confirm Travis Vader facing more charges
2015-05-17 Reports: RCMP arrest Travis Vader in Barrhead on assault charges
2015-04-30 Alberta Justice won’t proceed with charge against Travis Vader for allegedly breaching bail
2015-04-18 Vader arrested for third time this year
2015-04-16 Travis Vader faces new charge for breaking curfew while receiving treatment in hospital
2015-04-16 Accused murderer Travis Vader faces new charge
2015-04-15 Vader back in St. Albert court in 2016
2015-04-12 Travis Vader back in court for assault charges
2015-04-11 Vader granted bail again
2015-04-09 Travis Vader, accused of McCann murders, released on bail
2015-04-09 Travis Vader released on bail
2015-04-09 Travis Vader granted bail again
2015-04-09 Accused killer Travis Vader was granted bail again in Edmonton
2015-03-20 Travis Vader appears in Edson court via CCTV
2015-03-18 Vader appears in Edson court
2015-03-11 Vader court date adjourned to April
2015-03-09 Travis Vader, fiancée allege RCMP harassment in latest charges
2015-03-06 Keeping track of high risk offenders
2015-03-03 Rural Alberta community mixed about Vader re-arrest
2015-03-03 Breakfast Bylines: Vader back in custody
2015-03-02 Vader arrested near Edson
2015-03-02 Travis Vader re-arrested in Edson for breaching bail conditions
2015-03-02 Travis Vader back in police custody
2015-03-02 Travis Vader back in custody on driving charge, breaches near where McCanns’ SUV was found
2015-03-02 Accused murderer Travis Vader rearrested in Alberta; charged with breaching bail
2015-02-18 Vader rearrested
2015-02-17 Venting
2015-02-13 Travis Vader, suspect in McCann disappearance, back behind bars
2015-02-13 Travis Vader facing assault charge
2015-02-13 Travis Vader faces new assault charges
2015-02-13 Travis Vader charged with assault; arrested in St. Albert
2015-01-25 The legal road for Travis Vader in case of missing Alberta seniors
2015-01-24 Travis Vader trial set for 2016
2015-01-23 Trial date for Travis Vader set for 2016
2015-01-23 Travis Vader's trial date set for 2016 in McCann deaths
2015-01-23 Travis Vader Trial Date Set For 2016
2015-01-23 Travis Vader trial date for McCann deaths set for 2016
2015-01-23 Travis Vader to face trial in 2016 in death of two missing seniors
2015-01-23 Travis Vader to face trial in 2016
2015-01-23 New trial date set for Travis Vader
2015-01-23 Date set for Travis Vader's murder trial
2015-01-23 Court Gives Travis Vader 2016 Dates for McCann Deaths
2015-01-01 Edmonton's top news stories of 2014
2014-12-31 Thoughts for the new year
2014-12-31 Gary and Holley Willits' Christmas Carol Bus visited our home
2014-12-30 From assault to zebra, Edmonton court cases ran the gamut
2014-12-29 15 things to watch for in 2015
2014-12-24 Vader granted bail, will be released under house arrest
2014-12-24 Travis Vader recharged with McCann murder
2014-12-23 Vader to be released on house arrest
2014-12-23 Travis Vader, suspect in murder of Alberta seniors, granted bail
2014-12-23 Travis Vader released on house arrest with conditions
2014-12-23 Travis Vader granted bail
2014-12-21 Travis Vader to appear in court on Tuesday
2014-12-21 Travis Vader denied bail in Alberta missing couple case
2014-12-21 First appearance for Travis Vader scheduled
2014-12-20 Travis Vader rearrested for murder in McCann case
2014-12-20 From the archives: Misery endures for families in the McCann mystery
2014-12-20 Edmonton's Top 5 court stories of 2014
2014-12-20 Criminologist questions timing of Vader arrest
2014-12-19 Travis Vader re-arrested, re-charged in murders of Lyle and Marie McCann
2014-12-19 Travis Vader re-arrested in relation to McCann investigation
2014-12-19 Travis Vader arrested in connection to murder of Lyle and Marie McCann
2014-12-12 Hop on the Christmas Carol Bus
2014-10-15 How long is too long?
2014-10-11 Travis Vader released on other charges
2014-10-10 Travis Vader, once accused in disappearance of Alberta seniors, a free man
2014-10-09 Travis Vader released on other charges
2014-10-09 Travis Vader freed from jail four years after police accused him of murdering missing Alberta couple
2014-10-09 Missing couple: Timeline of the McCann case
2014-10-08 Travis Vader to be released after acquittal
2014-10-08 Travis Vader found not guilty on 9 charges unrelated to McCann deaths
2014-09-14 Dive team wraps up search of pond west of Edmonton
2014-09-12 Travis Vader could be released by early October
2014-09-12 Dive team called in for McCann search
2014-09-08 Travis Vader pleads not guilty at second trial on drug, firearms charges
2014-09-03 Vader found not guilty of threatening Edmonton correctional officer
2014-09-03 Travis Vader found not guilty of uttering threat to police officer
2014-05-16 Travis Vader’s bail application denied
2014-05-16 Travis Vader denied bail, to face trial in September
2014-05-16 Travis Vader denied bail
2014-04-26 Vader launches $1-million lawsuit against prosecutors, RCMP
2014-04-24 Travis Vader launches ‘malicious prosecution’ lawsuit
2014-03-22 Community's hearts are with McCann family
2014-03-19 Years after finding burnt husk of their RV, authorities stay charges against man accused of murdering Alberta couple
2014-03-19 Travis Vader charges stayed in McCann murder case
2014-03-19 Charges stayed in McCann double murder case
2014-03-19 Charges stayed against Travis Vader in McCann murders
2014-03-19 Charges stayed against Travis Vader in McCann murder
2014-02-14 Accused killer sues RCMP and attorney general
2014-01-01 Crime and courts 2014 preview
2013-09-07 Trial date set for Travis Vader
2013-08-30 Trial date set for Travis Vader
2013-08-30 Trial date set for Travis Vader - Edmonton
2013-07-12 McCann double murder goes straight to trial
2013-07-11 Travis Vader murder case heading to trial
2013-01-30 Vader to stand trial
2012-10-24 Vader sets inquiry date
2012-10-23 Preliminary hearing set for suspect in deaths of Lyle and Marie McCann
2012-10-23 Preliminary hearing set for man accused of murdering St. Albert couple
2012-10-23 Dates for Vader’s preliminary hearing expected to be set in Edson court
2012-10-20 Vader drug case gets mistrial
2012-10-19 Mistrial for Travis Vader on charges unrelated to McCann deaths
2012-10-03 Vader proceedings adjourned three weeks
2012-10-03 Vader case, involving missing St. Albert couple, put over until late October
2012-10-02 Travis Vader set to appear in court
2012-09-19 Vader case delayed two more weeks
2012-09-08 Travis Vader could get break on charges
2012-08-22 Vader case delayed another month
2012-08-08 Vader court proceedings postponed two weeks
2012-07-04 Man charged with killing Lyle and Marie McCann not ready to plead
2012-07-03 McCann family remembers couple on anniversary of disappearance
2012-06-06 Vader case set over another month
2012-05-16 Vader makes first appearance on murder charge
2012-05-15 Travis Vader makes initial court appearance
2012-04-24 Timeline of disappearance: Lyle and Marie McCann
2012-04-23 Vader charged with killing McCanns
2012-04-23 Travis Vader faces murder charges in McCann deaths
2012-04-23 Travis Vader charged with first-degree murder in deaths of elderly Albertans Lyle and Marie McCann
2012-04-23 Travis Vader charged in McCann deaths
2012-04-03 Vader trial continues on charges not related to McCann case
2012-04-03 Vader appears in court
2012-04-01 'I had a life. I'm a normal person': Travis Vader
2012-02-15 Vader denied bail
2012-01-19 Police seek person who attached tow bar to McCann's SUV
2011-12-24 Vader gets time served
2011-12-22 Vader sentenced to one more day in custody
2011-12-22 Judge rules Vader's treatment in custody unfair
2011-12-21 Vader abandons charter challenge
2011-12-10 Vader alleges mistreatment at remand centre
2011-12-08 Security footage from Remand Centre released in sentencing hearing for Travis Vader
2011-12-06 Vader's court case put off until August
2011-12-06 Travis Vader takes stand in sentencing hearing
2011-10-01 McCanns make renewed plea for information
2011-08-22 Vader's lawyer alleges his client has been mistreated
2011-07-30 McCanns remembered in memorial service
2011-07-30 Local couple makes headlines after disappearance
2011-07-27 McCanns declared legally dead
2011-07-23 One step closer to closure: McCann family remembers missing couple
2011-07-23 McCanns hope obit, service bring closure
2011-07-06 McCann case marks grim anniversary
2011-06-30 One year later...and no sign of the McCanns
2011-06-29 RCMP conduct search in McCann case
2011-06-26 Search continues for missing couple
2011-06-01 McCann family gets a new glimpse of Vader as he makes court appearance
2011-03-19 Vader appeal for bail quashed
2011-03-18 Travis Vader denied bail
2010-12-18 McCanns mourn Christmas without parents
2010-12-16 McCann family attends holiday event in St. Albert
2010-11-19 Family calls off ground search for Alberta couple
2010-11-09 In Search of the McCanns
2010-10-29 Missing the McCanns
2010-10-29 Meeting the McCanns
2010-10-26 McCann billboards visible along highway
2010-10-26 Family of missing elderly couple to put up billboards
2010-10-20 McCann family hopes highway billboards will help search
2010-10-06 McCann family refuses to rest
2010-09-29 Pieces of trees taken into evidence in ongoing McCann case
2010-09-29 McCanns launch own search
2010-09-28 Fisherman recalls seeing what may have been the McCanns' motorhome
2010-09-27 McCann family plans to keep searching for missing couple
2010-09-25 McCann family starts civilian search
2010-09-18 McCann search returns to Minnow Lake
2010-09-15 Search ends on rural property in McCann investigation
2010-09-15 RCMP confirm no human remains found on property west of Edmonton
2010-09-13 Dive team to join search for missing couple
2010-09-12 McCann-related search intensifies
2010-09-11 RCMP search home near Nojack in McCann case as reward capped
2010-09-09 Special reward created in McCann case tops $50,000
2010-09-01 Vader now a suspect in McCann case
2010-08-31 RCMP name Vader a suspect in McCanns' disappearance
2010-08-19 Reward fund swells in first few days
2010-08-18 McCann reward fund swells from big donations
2010-08-17 Reward offered for couple's return
2010-08-16 Civic officials throw support behind reward effort in McCann case
2010-08-11 Family sets up trust account for missing seniors
2010-08-10 RCMP conduct second probe of area as part of McCann investigation
2010-08-09 Vader faces long list of charges unrelated to McCann case
2010-08-05 Crime Stoppers pleads for clues on missing McCanns
2010-08-04 McCann family plasters Edmonton in posters
2010-08-01 Volunteers help McCann family keep search alive
2010-07-28 Search continues for missing couple
2010-07-27 Sister of person-of-interest in McCann case defends her brother
2010-07-26 Community holds vigil for missing couple
2010-07-24 'Vigil of hope' held for Alberta couple
2010-07-24 Multiple sightings of Vader in a Hyundai?
2010-07-24 Candlelight vigil planned for missing couple
2010-07-23 Candlelight vigil planned for missing couple
2010-07-21 Vader arrested, McCanns still missing
2010-07-21 18 days and still no sign of missing couple
2010-07-20 Vader remains in custody, police continue to investigate
2010-07-19 Where are the McCanns?
2010-07-19 Vader caught
2010-07-19 Vader and unnamed man arrrested, questioned by RCMP
2010-07-19 McCann family optimistic after Vader arrest
2010-07-17 SUV found, police search for clues east of Edson
2010-07-17 Residents report seeing Vader near Niton Junction
2010-07-17 Residents fearful as police probe McCann case
2010-07-17 Missing couple's SUV found
2010-07-16 RCMP find SUV belonging to missing Alberta seniors
2010-07-16 Missing couple's SUV located
2010-07-15 RCMP identify 'person of interest'
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