Location History

These maps are based on my Google Location History. Click any image below to access a full-screen interactive heatmap for the year. Also available are detailed marker maps for each month.

August, 2013 to April, 2022

  • Note that there are some errors in the History. For example, I (and my phone) have never been to England.

2022 (to April)

  • Jan 5-7. Excursion to Melbourne, stayed at Hotel Windsor.
  • Feb 13-17. Stayed in Nicole & Casey’s caravan near Yarra Valley, VIC.


  • Achalasia, Covid19 Lockdowns.


  • Pandemic, stayed in Greater Melbourne area.


  • Feb 13-15. Took Amtrak to Seattle. Stayed in Everett with Pattie’s convention.
  • Apr 22-26. Took Amtrak to Portland.
  • May 16-20. Drove to Penticton, stayed in Chris’ apartment.
  • Aug 15-21. Drove to Edmonton. Stayed at Radium Hot Springs (Hot Springs closed), Red Deer, Holiday Inn on 170 St. and River Cree Resort. On return stayed in Edson. Aborted intended stay in Medicine Hat.
  • Oct 13. Flew to Melbourne, moved into Harcourt Ave.


  • Nov 16. Fly to Vancouver. Stay in Atkins Avenue rental in Port Coquitlam.

2017 (An epic year for travel!)

  • Mar 12-14. Stay at AirBNB on Phillip Island.
  • Apr 28 – May 5. Fly to Auckland. Stay for a week in AirBNB.
  • May 5. Fly back to St. Albert.
  • Jun 16-21. Drive to Medicine Hat. Stay with Joanne & Bob.
  • Jun 22-28. Fly to Toronto, stay with Uncle Cliff and Aunt Mary Lou.
  • Jun 28-Jul 2. Drive to Vancouver. Stay at Miette Hot Springs for a couple nights. Then stay at AirBNB on near King Edward Ave.
  • Aug 2-21. Drive to Victoria. Stay in AirBNB
  • Aug 22. Return to Vancouver. Stay at AirBNB in Coquitlam.
  • Sep 5. Drive to Penticton. Stay in AirBNB on Front Street.
  • Sep 14. Drive back to Vancouver. Stay in AirBNB in Port Moody.
  • Sep 25. Board Alaskan Cruise Ship, visit 3 locations in Alaska.
  • Sep 30. In port in Victoria for day.
  • Oct 4. Disembark in San Francisco.
  • Oct 7. Fly to Seattle. Stay in Silver Cloud Hotel.
  • Oct 9. Take Amtrak train to Vancouver. Stay in AirBNB in Coquitlam.
  • Oct 13-14. Drive to Edmonton, stay in AirBNB in NorthEast.
  • Oct 15. Unveiling of Darling in St. Albert.
  • Oct 23. Fly to Taiwan via Vancouver and Hong Kong. Spend week with Selina’s family.
  • Oct 29. Fly to Hong Kong.
  • Nov 1. Fly to Melbourne. Stay at McComb Blvd in Frankston South.


  • Jan 10-17. Fly to Puerto Vallerta, Mexico. Spend week with BJ’s family.
  • Jan 22-24. Drive to Lethbridge for weekend.
  • May 7-8. Drive to Sundre for a night at B&B.
  • Sep 30 – Oct 30. Drive to Vancouver, stay at AirBNB near Queen Elizabeth Park.
  • Nov 1-3. Ferry to Victoria. Stay near Parliament Buildings.
  • Nov 3-4. Drive back to St. Albert.
  • Nov 28 – Dec 3. Fly to Los Cabos, Mexico with Chris & Shelley.
  • Dec 22. Fly to Vancouver.
  • Dec 27. Fly to Melbourne via Auckland. Stay with Nicole & family in Mt. Eliza.


  • Jul 22-23. Drive to Lethbridge for weekend.


  • Mar 4-7. Flew to Winnipeg, worked at Bird HQ.
  • Apr 5-19. Drive to chalet in Fernie.
  • Jul 11-12. Drive to Canmore for Candice wedding.
  • Aug 18-21. Flew to Winnipeg, worked at Bird HQ.
  • Aug 30 – Sep 7. Drive to chalet in Fernie.
  • Nov 29 – Dec 6. Fly to Oceanside, CA for week with BJ’s family. Visit Disneyland.

2013 (from August)

  • Oct 11-14. Flew to Vancouver, stayed in Fairmont Hotel in CBD.
  • Oct 26-27. Flew to Phoenix, stayed at Chris & Shelley’s timeshare.
  • Nov 4-5. Flew to Winnipeg, worked at Bird HQ.

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