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Collections of documents, photographs and stories related to my (McCann & Waltz) and Mary-Ann’s (Zetsen & Hurkens) families.


Mary-Ann's mother's maiden name is Hurkens. The earliest item is a photograph of Gerardus Goossens (1827-1901).
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Recently (Spring, 2019), I have migrated our family tree to this website based on ‘The Next Generation’ genealogical site.
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Mary-Ann's maiden name is Zetsen. The oldest item is a photograph of the family of Hendrik (1866-1940) & Christina (1861-1921) Zetsen.
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Bretton's mother's maiden name is Waltz. The oldest item is a photograph of Johann (1840-1938) Schuh.
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Individuals start with John & Margaret [Tait] Porter, born in the 1820's. To Juliette Walshe, born in 2013.
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