Candlelight Vigil

After we discovered that my parents were missing on July 10, we were frantically trying to keep their plight in the public eye. Marlene Glebe, next-door neighbour of my parents, worked with the City to stage a Candlelight Vigil.

On July 24, the Vigil was held on the plaza in front of St. Albert Place. Many people attended and offered their support.

Bretton's address at the Vigil of Hope at St. Albert Place

Dad & Mom are very nice people, a little reserved and a bit quiet. Over the years and in their travels, they came to know a lot of people. But, this, display of love & support is just massive. I’m looking forward to telling them about this day. And, I hope I can tell them about this soon. They will just be amazed at just how many people have been touched by their situation – and are showing their love for them today.

Mom & Dad settled in St Albert in the mid 1960’s. Myself, my brother and my sister were all raised here. We’ve always loved this community. It has always been home to us. The support that you are showing here for my parents is very, very meaningful to us.

On the Facebook group that we started a couple weeks ago there are over 35,000 members – from everywhere. There are continuous messages of support. People saying prayers for my parents. Putting up posters. Looking everywhere. Many people are doing all kinds of things to help find Mom & Dad.

I want you to know what my family draws enormous strength and hope from all this support.  From the people gathered here. And from all those that couldn’t be here today – but are here in spirit. From across Canada, and from around the world.

We believe that Mom & Dad are out there somewhere. Maybe in the bush somewhere. Maybe hurt. But, we know Dad is looking after Mom. And that we will find them. And find them safe.

Someone, somewhere, has information that can help us find my parents. We’re asking everyone to think back over the last few weeks. If you have any information that could help, please contact the police.

The porch lights are on and the candles are lit. Showing Mom & Dad their way home. 

Mom & Dad – if you can hear me – we will not stop searching until we find you.

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