2015-11-24 Voir Dire

Rick phoned to say that the Crown would like to meet with the family after the resolution of the voir dire court procedure.

The voir dire is scheduled to start November 30, for four days. From wiki: voir dire refers to a “trial within a trial”. It is a hearing to determine the admissibility of evidence, or the competency of a witness or juror. In our case, the defense is asserting that Vader’s rights under the Charter of Rights & Freedoms were infringed. Basically, was it fair that the charges were stayed, and then re-charged.

Rick said that he knows of 5 witnesses that will be testifying: himself, Jason, Michelle, and 2 RCMP from Peace River. Apparently, the Peace River detachment was responsible initially for the evidence compilation. From his perspective, the simple truth is that the case file is enormous and complex. There is no ‘conspiracy’ or ‘coverup’.

The judge will then likely prepare & issue a written resolution.

After 4 days (ie, Dec 4), he will have a better idea of the schedule. For example, the testimony may take more than 4 days, and more court time will need to be scheduled. The issues may be complex, and require more analysis & writing time by the judge.

So we may be able to meet with Crown in mid-December.

Or, if the hearing exceeds 4 days, for example, the meeting would be delayed until January.

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